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THS Theater

Theater One

Students are introduced to basic theatrical concepts in public speaking, improvisation, acting, pantomime, direction, and design. Typical student work includes: improvisation, pantomime, monologue, two person scene, writing, research, and design. The semester concludes with an evening performance of student work.

Intermediate Theater

Students continue to explore the development of theatrical concepts through a workshop centered approach– to grow as artists and actors within an on your feet– work together– teams approach to acting, movement, and performance.

Honors Proficient and Honors Advanced Theater

Honors theater students are expected to show a level of dedication and commitment to the theatrical arts where they are involved as actors, directors, and designers. Honors students are typically involved in many projects and productions through out the semester.

Technical Theater

Students in technical theater work with elements in design lighting, sound, carpentry, props, drapery, and staging.

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